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How to prepare for NEET exam after 12th


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NEET or National Eligibility and Entrance Test is a qualifying exam that is held once a year to select aspiring candidates who prefer to study medicine and dentistry.

How to prepare for NEET exam after 12th



People who wish to study medicine and serve humanity one way or the other with the help of science can always opt for NEET.  The NEET exam regulates you to get into the top medical colleges all over India.

How to prepare for NEET exam after 12th for science enthusiast



It is important to keep in mind that you should prepare for both NEET and 12th-grade exams at the same time. It saves time and energy for a student if they start preparing from class 11th itself because advance preparation can never affect the board exams.

Tips on how to prepare for NEET after 12th-grade board exams:



Make a time schedule for your studies which can help you with better concentration. Remember as you need to prepare for two exams, make sure to design a timetable as per your need.

Choose your learning style and understand



Don’t concentrate on all the subjects at once, instead understand the weaker areas and concentrate on them first.   Take the teachers’ guidance in the subjects that need more attention.

Study one subject at a time:



choosing the best books for NEET preparation that are worth studying plays a vital role.  Refer to the previous year question papers to give you an idea about the types of questions that are usually asked in NEET.

Acquire good study materials:



devising a week plan can be one of the best strategies.  Study for four days of the week and keep one day for revision.  Then on every Saturdays resolve a previous year question paper and on Sundays analyse the problems.

Make a week plan:



Understand the need for each subject in NEET makes it easier for the student to identify and study the subjects.

Devise a study plan subject wise


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