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Olympiad coaching classes in Coimbatore


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Olympiad coaching classes in Coimbatore is a unique competitive platform for young intellectuals conducted by various organizations in India and abroad.

Olympiad  coaching classes  in Coimbatore



The Olympiad exams are held to nurture the aspirations of junior class students to lay a strong groundwork for engineering, medical, and other competitive examinations in advance.

Why is the Olympiad exam held?



– Mathematics – English – Cyber – Science – General Knowledge – Reasoning – French – Spell Bee

Major subjects in Olympiad



Olympiad exams are competitive exams conducted by various organizations across India and abroad.  These examinations are conducted on the basis of school curriculum of CBSE, ICSE, and other major state boards.

What does the Olympiad exam cover?



The ISharp Academy provides the Olympiad coaching classes in Coimbatore which are undertaken by intellectuals to help students to excel in flying colours.

ISharp Academy



We have a vast pool of faculty comprising the IIT’ians and Doctorates to train the students in their respective subjects.

Best Faculties



We conduct rigorous tests for the students after each topic is finished in the class to make sure they have understood the concept.

Rigorous Tests



We provide a detailed assessment report throughout the entire coaching to get to know their strengths and weaknesses.

Adaptive Assessments


We offer comprehensive and quality study material which is prepared by our faculty members and is also updated regularly.

Personalized Study Material



Knowing the fact that each and every student does not follow the same pattern and pace of learning, we help them with customized coaching.

Customized Coaching



We believe that providing the highest quality of education assists the students to prepare for competitive examinations. The students are committed to themselves in making the learning process fundamentally strong and enjoyable by using their innovative teaching methods.

Olympiad  coaching classes  in Coimbatore?



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Headquarters & Operating Address I-Sharp Academy - NEET & JEE Coaching Centre, 2nd floor, AK Complex, No.207, 6th Street, Cross Cut Rd, Gandhipuram, Tamil Nadu 641012 +91-98948 50370 +91-81482 17151 isharpacademy@gmail.com