NEET Orientation Program

For Aspirants of NEET - 2022

FREE Orientation Programme on 31st October 2021, 10 AM – 01 PM

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Knowledge is a Divine Blessing and I-Sharp Academy is a Temple of Knowledge. We are instrumental in channelizing this knowledge to the educated youth by way of sharpening their acumen to succeed in their life. Today, knowledge of a candidate is tested at the entry level of professional education and employment as well. Competition Examinations have become a mandatory Litmus Test to measure the suitability of a candidate for either Job or Professional Education.

I-Sharp Academy has the potential to fulfil the ambitions of the candidates who desire for entry into Engineering and Medical Coursesat prestigiousInstitutes like IIT, NIT, NEET,  etc. The Academy has a bunch of experienced, talented staff as its faculty, supported by clear-cut study materials to shape and sharpen the candidate’s skill to clear various Entrance Examinations in the fields of Engineering and Medicine.

The coaching classes conducted in the Academy help to hone the aptitude skill of the candidates with short-cut methods. With our expertise we prepare the candidates to face the  Exams with Speed and Accuracy, the hallmarks any Objective type Examination.