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It is essential to know how to prepare for JEE in advanced by knowing the level of toughness as the questions involve a deeper knowledge of concepts and concentration which has to be learnt with a determined and concentrated approach.

To prepare for JEE in advanced, a student needs to know everything about that exam inside out. The JEE Main paper is relatively easy without diving into the ocean of tougher concepts and problems whereas the JEE Advanced paper will test each and every concept till date in subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. 

What is JEE Progressed?

JEE Progressed is the most lofty public level designing selection test in India. The test is exceptionally critical in light of the fact that fruitful understudies can be able to concentrate on in the best specialized organizations in the country under the direction of the world class minds of India.

How to Prepare for JEE in Advanced?

You can follow these best practices mentioned below to ace the JEE Advanced exam.

Have a Study Time Table and Refer Previous Year Question Papers

If you see the previous year exam papers, the exam setters are focussing mainly on topics you skip or ignore and to avoid such situations maintain a standard timetable by covering each and every topic without skipping any.

JEE comprises mainly three subjects where you have to be thorough with the entire syllabus

How to Prepare for JEE in Advanced

Be Regular to Take the Coaching Classes Seriously

Try to maximize the doubts and engage in discussions after knowing how to prepare for JEE in advanced to resolve the doubts and queries pertaining to the subject matter, and sheet problems. 

Be regular to take the coaching classes on a consistent basis because the faculty may provide you with some tips and tricks to boost your confidence in preparing for the exam.

Revise the Topics on a Daily Basis and Make Short Notes

Always revise the topics that are taught on a particular day. Firstly, it gives you a strong understanding and secondly, it avoids the chances of that topic getting added to your backlogs which haunts you throughout your preparations. 

Make short notes of every chapter for a quick revision as it a key aspect of preparation especially for remembering enormous amounts of data and revisiting the past topics.

Don’t Refer to too Many Study Materials and Books

After knowing how to prepare for JEE in advanced, stick to one material or book given at your coaching institute and complete it. Do not invest your money, time and efforts in accumulating material from various sources as it makes you unable to finish it in solving questions of a specific topic or a subject. 

Be a self-motivator and never give up in taking the coaching tests, follow this mantra consistently to improve your performance and marks.

Start Analysing the Previous Tests and Enhance your Preparation Level

The benefit of giving coaching and mock tests helps you in analysing your previous tests before giving the next one. You get to learn where you have gone wrong in your previous attempts and try to make corrections to take you to the next level of preparation.

Practice rigorously without giving any excuse.If you overcome the shortcomings and weaknesses in your next text with improvement you are sure to ace your exam.

Find the Reasons for Scoring Low in the Tests

You should know how to prepare for JEE in advanced by finding out the reasons for scoring low in papers. 

Not having proper time management, failing to understand the essence of the question by making silly mistakes and calculation errors, unable to segregate the questions based on easy, medium and difficult level of questions, etc.

Give Full Length Online Practice Tests After Completion of Entire Syllabus

After completing the entire syllabus, you would have got an idea how to prepare for JEE in advanced. Start solving full length question papers, be extra cautious while solving MCQ’s because attempting wrong answers would immediately lessen 2 marks from your total score.

Focus on questions which take less time and the reward will be considerably high. Choose the answers correctly if you are sure about it.

Practice Comprehension/ Paragraph and Match it Based Problems

Comprehension/Paragraph based problems besides Match It are the two types where you should focus more because it can be mastered with rigorous practice. Also choosing the option elimination method would help you to some extent only.

So, a strong command on subject matter is must to solve these problem related questions related to any domain whatever.

Tips to Study

  • Have a fair daily schedule and time table with respect to concentrating on every one of the subjects.
  • Peruse and comprehend the hypothesis connected with every single subject.
  • Quit utilizing online entertainment on the off chance that you are significant about getting a decent position.
  • Be normal and dependable in going to all your training classes.
  • Change the subjects showed on a specific day on that day itself.
  • Try not to allude to such a large number of books and study material.

Difference Between JEE Main and Advanced Preparation

The JEE Main paper is somewhat simple and can be aced without jumping into the expanse of ideas and harder issues, The JEE Advanced paper will test every single idea which you have learnt till date.

The degree of sturdiness in JEE Advanced is vital and the inquiries include a more profound information on ideas and focus which can be learnt and offered that might be of some value assuming one will buckle down not entirely settled and thought approach.


Clearing JEE mains and progressed isn’t a cakewalk. One can make a substantial groundwork stick to one material or book given at your coaching institute books for JEE mains and progressed. Subsequently, prior to hopping onto some other review material, ensure you use your coaching institute books for JEE fundamental first.

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